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Yoga Friends

Our Mission

A full life begins with small victories. At Hints of Happiness Wellness we come alongside women to provide support, training, and resources to help you meet your personal wellness goals.

We believe healthy isn’t defined by a number


We believe change is possible


We believe small tweaks in habits & routines make a big difference in your quality of life


We believe we are stronger when we have someone come alongside us

Our Vision

Create and support a community of women  of all seasons of life who are ready to get off the sidelines of life and live a flourishing life. At Hints of Happiness Wellness we understand the lifelong challenge of fitting into someone’s ideal image of healthy. You are who God designed you to be and with His help we will restore what the locust have eaten away- to break down the barriers and lies that have kept them from flourishing and replace those with truth and manageable lifestyle goals to Live Your Happiest & Healthiest Life.

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